Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end calcium silicate boards/fiber cement substrates, painted boards, thermal insulation decorative composite panels, and lightweight composite exterior wall thermal insulation panels


Process flow

Using the most advanced mature large-scale complete set of flow slurry/copying method production process, the process flow is raw material preparation, plate forming, stacking, pressurization to autoclave curing, stacking and storage and other processes. The above are all fully automatic control, the whole process is accurate, smooth and efficient. The annual output of a single line is 5 million m2 (calculated on the basis of 6mm non-pressure standard board). The product has excellent performance, good appearance quality, and a wide range of applications.


Quality Control

In order to provide customers with high-quality calcium silicate board products, the company has formulated corporate standards that are higher than the national industry standards. Combining process equipment and process characteristics. Standardize the control indicators for each process point from the entry of raw materials into the factory to the production of crystals, and establish an anti-tracing responsibility system for product quality to ensure that products are 100% qualified.


Product development

The company's R&D center has in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned professional colleges, senior research institutes and other institutions. Committed to the new technology of multifunctional energy-saving and environmentally friendly wall materials. R&D and innovation of new technologies, new equipment and new products. Lead the technological progress of the domestic industry.


Industrial Distribution

Under the guidance of the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative and the “Six Ones” internationalization goals of China National Building Materials Group, reasonable investment industry layout will be carried out, leading the new wall material industry to high-end, intelligent, green, and international development. The road to green development, the road to technological development.


29 2021-01
Hot news
Good news┃Sinoma Yichang was recognized by Dangyang Engineering Technology Research Center
Recently, Dangyang Science and Technology Bureau intends to recognize the "Dangyang Calcium Silicate Board Engineering Technology Research Center" of Sinoma Yichang, a subsidiary of Energy Saving Wuhan, as the Dangyang City "2020 Engineering Technology Research Center", Sinoma Yichang Calcium Silicate Board Project The technological research journey adds another honor!
15 2021-03
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Sinoma Yichang Co., Ltd. launches party day activities on the theme of party history
Relive the glorious history of the party and condense the development momentum of the enterprise. A few days ago, Sinoma (Yichang) Energy Conservation New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma Yichang Company) launched a party day activity on the theme of learning party history.
01 2021-02
Hot news
Zhang Renwei, Honorary President of China Building Materials Federation, visited Sinoma (Yichang) Energy-saving New Materials Co., Ltd. Dangyang new multifunctional energy-saving environmental protection wall material industrial base project investigation
On December 2, Zhang Renwei, Honorary President of China Building Materials Federation, visited Sinoma (Yichang) Energy-saving New Materials Co., Ltd. Dangyang new multifunctional energy-saving and environmentally-friendly wall material industrial base project to investigate and understand the company's construction, production and operation.
11 2021-01
Hot news
Sinoma Yichang held the 2020 annual work meeting, leadership team member debriefing and party building work meeting
On January 5, Sinoma (Yichang) Energy Conservation New Materials Co., Ltd. held the 2020 annual work meeting, leadership team members' report on integrity and party building work meeting in Dangyang. Zhou Shaozong, General Manager of Sinoma Energy Conservation (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., and Wang Fumin, Chief Accountant , Xiong Hongtao of the Comprehensive Management Department, members of the company's leadership team, middle-level cadres, representatives of some employees, and all party members attended the meeting.


The company adheres to the business philosophy of "respect and trustworthiness, harmony and efficiency", the service concept of "respect for demand, respect for kindness and beauty", and the innovative concept of "transcend ourselves and change with time". We are willing to cooperate sincerely with practitioners in various related industries. On the basis of realizing social and environmental benefits, strive to maximize the benefits of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection capital investment.

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