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Performance And Application

Performance And Application


Performance And Application Performance characteristics

  • Fireproof performance: the product is Class A incombustible board, and has excellent fireproof performance. When breaking out of fire, the board is also not combusted, and also has no toxic smog, and no flame transfer.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: the board has low thermal conductivity and good heat insulation performance, and the thermal and acoustic insulation ability of substrate partition wall is obviously better than that of common brick wall. With the good sound insulation effect, it can be widely used in buildings having higher requirements for thermal and acoustic insulation performance.
  • Easy construction: when selecting this board as the wall or ceiling, the construction is fast, the flatness is high, plasterering is not needed, and the coating can be sprayed directly; and the secondary processing, such as drilling, edge planning and sawing, is facilitated.
  • Water resistance and moisture protection: the board can be kept stable performance without deformation in the open and high-humidity places; and moreover, it has low moisture expansion rate and dry shrinkage rate, and strong water resistance, moisture resistance and frost resistance. Therefore, it is ideal material for the partition wall and building external wall in the kitchen, toilet and others.
  • Convenient decoration: the board can be made into various texture veneers or subjected to surface spraying, and is the superior material for ceiling and external wall decoration.
  • Green and environmental protection: the board is asbestos-free completely, and has no harmful fiber, dust and radiation during the use, thereby belonging to the green and environmental protection material.
  • Light weight and high strength: the panel is light in quality and easy to carry, and the sales range of product is very big. Meanwhile, it has high strength, good toughness, wide width, and wide use scope.
  • Stable size: the board is controlled with the appropriate formula under the strict quality control, and its moisture expansion rate and dry shrinkage rate are controlled in the ideal range.
  • Corrosion prevention: the board has good ageing resistance, weather resistance and durability, and is not mildewed and rotted in any environment.
  • Insect and ant prevention: the material has good insect and ant prevention effect through a series of processes. 

Performance And Application Application fields

Performance And Application

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